About Us

Who we are

The London Bisexual Network is a professional network catering to those who work in the legal, insurance, banking and professional services industries. We aim to build awareness of and support for the bi communities within the city of London. While primarily focused on the bi community, we welcome individuals from the greater LGBTQ+ and pan community, as well as allies

What we want to achieve

The London Bisexual Network was founded in 2015 with three main objectives:

                                               Education: To educate professionals about the specific issues bisexuals face in the workplace.

                                               The London Bisexual Network has co-hosted numerous panel discussions at Simmons &                                                                   Simmons, Barclays, Latham & Watkins, Moody’s and many more. With hundreds in attendance,                                                     our participants helped educate professionals on topics, such as:
                                               - Workplace issues for bisexuals, including bi-visibility, inclusiveness and bias
                                               - Myths and stereotypes surrounding bisexual identity at work and outside
                                               - Intersectionality with a focus on the crossroads of ethnicity and sexual orientation

                                             Visibility: To raise awareness about bisexual communities in the professional space

                                              All of our committee members are open and proud bisexual people who work in the legal,                                                                  insurance, banking and professional services industries. We feel that it is important to have active                                                role models in the business environment and the broader LGBTQ+ community.

                                             We are also happy to serve as mentors to any LGBTQ+ professionals or allies who want to learn                                                   more about what it means to be bisexual in the workplace and/or would like career advice from                                                     someone who actively brings their full selves to work.

                                            Community: To help build a strong community of LGBTQ+ professionals and their allies to                                                          support each other as we grow in our careers*

                                             We release periodic communications on issues relevant to the bisexual and broader LGBTQ+                                                         community through email and our social media channels. To subscribe, email                                                                                             info@londonbisexualnetwork.co.uk or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

                                             We also host informal gatherings, which LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies throughout the legal,                                               insurance, banking and professional services industries are welcome to join. For dates and details,                                               subscribe to info@londonbisexualnetwork.co.uk or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

*A special note to our trans brethren: It is sometimes said that bisexuality discriminates against trans people and people of non-binary genders. This is often because people think bisexuality can refer only to attraction by men or women to (cis or non-trans) men or women. Some people view bisexuality in this way and prefer the term “pansexual” to cover attraction to non-binary or trans people. Yet many others view bisexuality “as an attraction to more than one gender.” To the London Bisexual Network, bisexuality includes awareness of, and attraction to, trans and non-binary people. 

Our Committee

 All of our committee members are open and proud bisexual people who work in the legal, insurance, banking and professional services industries.
  1. Sian Jones
    Sian Jones
    Communications Co-Ordinator
  2. Kat Howarth
    Kat Howarth
    Events Co-Ordinator